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Gareth Hall

(Right/Central Defence)
Born 1969
Gareth arrived two games into the 2001/02 season to provide extra support in the defensive line. His extensive league football history has brought considerable experience to the Hawks, and some startling goals. Gareth started his career as an apprentice at Chelsea in 1986. During a ten-year life with the club he made 172 appearances in all. He moved to Sunderland in January 1996 for 300,000 where he made a further 54 appearances up to the end of the 97/98 season. Signing for Swindon in May 1998 he played 97 games over three seasons before retiring at the age of 32 from full time football to the non league.Gareth's first season with the Hawks was crowned in May 2002 when he received the Player's Player of the Year award, but in September 2003 his time at the club ended bitterly when a string of poor performances saw him dropped to the bench, resulting in his still unaccounted for departure.

Picture Dave Haines