Total Appearances by Player

Lee Paul

Date Opponent H/A Comp Info on Appearance

Season 2003 / 2004

28 Oct 2003 (Tue) Blackfield and Langley away HSC started
22 Nov 2003 (Sat) Moor Green home SLP substitute, replaced Town after 64 minutes
02 Dec 2003 (Tue) Folkestone Invicta away FAT substitute, replaced Eribenne after 108 minutes
08 Dec 2003 (Mon) Hartley Wintney home HSC started
13 Dec 2003 (Sat) Chippenham Town home SLP started
16 Dec 2003 (Tue) Crawley Town home DMC started, replaced by Leworthy after 110 minutes
27 Dec 2003 (Sat) Crawley Town home SLP started, replaced by Leworthy after 46 minutes

Competition Abbreviations:

FCS   Football Conference South
DMS   Southern League Southern Division
NLS   National League South
SLP   Southern League Premier Division
IPD   Isthmian League Premier Division
FAC   Football Association Cup
FAT   Football Association Trophy
DMC   Southern League Cup
NCC   National Conference Cup
SS   Setanta Shield (Conference League Cup)
HSC   Hampshire Senior Cup
PSC   Portsmouth Senior Cup

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