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HawkSupport 2011

After a season hiatus, HawkSupport has reformed for the 2011/12 season with a new committee under the name HawkSupport 2011. Joining details and membership forms will appear here shortly.

Chairman: Bob Rouse
Vice Chairmain: Malc Jamieson
Secretary: Nita Watts
Treasurer: Simon Lynch
Juniors: Josh Wickham
Club Shop: Malc Jamieson & Alan Marshall
Travel: Alan Marshall


Alison Jamieson
Nicky Watts
Steve Talman
Tracey Emery
Simon ?? (Vienna99)
Neil ?? (Nibbles)

Membership will be set as follows Adults £5:00 Juniors (15yo & under) £3:00 there will be a OPTIONAL charge of £3 which will join you into the travel club which is a one of fee and will guarentee you a seat on any away trip you want to go to with a discount also on travel the three pound will continue every year you rejoin and you at the end of the season you can let it run to the following year or take it back. If you are a travel club member already your £5 you paid will be given back to you so see Alan Marshall in the club shop next time it opens.