2019/20 Signings

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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby CyprusHawk » Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:57 pm

Crkey, so how is this team going to shape up? Well competition will be there for places, though we have got some young heads and some old heads, both of which might not manage a full 90 minutes, so they'll all have their part to play. Obviously with the older ones we need to ensure they're fit and free of injury in a long season of 46 matches.

So where do we start, could the team look something like this? I just wonder who will be the right back, and cover for right back? Given that Andy Drury operated as a winger throughout his career, and the fact he's 35 now perhaps he could be a converted right back? Has he ever played this position? Other than that all i can see is Benny Read in that position - am i missing something? Perhaps we aren't going to play with a right back - maybe we're going to do 3-5-2?

Anyway what are your thoughts about the team.

1. Ross WORNER

2. Andy DRURY

3. Anthony STRAKER

4. Simon WALTON

5. Sam MAGRI



8. Roarie DEACON


10. Jonah AYUNGA

11. Josh TAYLOR

12. Danny KEDWELL
13. Bradley TARBUCK
14. Benny READ
15. Marley RIDGE
16. Nick BAILEY
17. Marvin OREPO
18. Ollie EYRES

Don't particularly want to leave Kedwell, Bailey or Read out but someone will have to sit on bench. Be interesting to see what that first team sheet does actually look like and i wouldn't be surprised to see Kedwell start initially, perhaps with Ayunga or Taylor on the bench.
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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby ade » Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:55 pm

no increase in budget, just allocated differently :shh:

I share your optimism but let's live in the moment :thumbup: :geek:

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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby jubileepark » Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:14 pm

PD has said the Danny Kedwell will be captain, so I’d imagine Dos is planning on him being a first 11 regular.
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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby KimMannsFan » Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:33 am

Danny Kedwell is a great player. If he and Alfie can click as a partnership, could be exciting times up front. I would guess he is more likely to start than Ayunga, but who knows? Anyway, i'm feeling more reassured about the squad now!
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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby ShatnersBassoon » Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:03 pm

You can be certain that there has been an increase in budget, but more likely through sponsorship that Dos has brought in or from his own pocket. It's not an accusation, but it's exactly what he did at both Eastleigh and Sutton and he's more than happy to help fund his own (and Havant's) success. And of course you won't get 46 games out of Bailey, Beckwith or Walton (again Dos will know this and so will those 3 players).

You're right to think that you are favourites for the league title, but be wary of the other established teams who have not had wholesale changes. You have a brilliant set of players there and a decent spine, but there are a lot of players there who have not played together and it may take time to gel. Hopefully not too long as to hamper your chances, but if you don't win the league and you get into a play off situation be aware that Dos' record in play offs is awful - he's never won a game as manager (7 games whilst manager of Sutton, with 5 defeats and 2 draws).
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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby lammy » Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:33 pm

Firstly Kedwell will probably be the first name on the teamsheet.
We will have to watch the friendlies to find out the formation we may be playing to see how else we line up.
Doswell told us at the Fans forum the budget would be the same as last season (which was an increase on our last season at this level).
Looking through the list, and i must admit that I don't know each one that well, but we look short of centre halves to me. Aside from Beckwith (who we have already be told can not play each game) and Magri, I'm not sure who else could play there?
Maybe if we are to make any further signings it will cover that area.
We undoubtedly have a number of excellent players at this level, although age is against a few of them and we may need to nurse them through the season and hope for a kind injury list. However with this quality we can look forward to challenging at the right end of the table - something I was not particularly confident about as we fell away at the end of last season.
With hindsight, this was just the sort of squad we needed last season to settle into the National.
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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby CyprusHawk » Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:05 pm

Are we forgetting Brian Stock signed for us at 34 and only finished this year at 37!!! He looked as fit as any on the pitch, so some of these older heads will at this level be fine, as long as they stay free of injury i guess. Not sure why Beckwith was signed if he can't play each week? I didn't see that? Nick Bailey i would think could be another Brian Stock, Kedwells fitness might be questionable but we've got Ayunga, Rutherford and some young lad from the Academy. So i might have thought Kedwell from the bench might be a better bet. Just because he's been named Club Captain doesn't mean he'll play every match.
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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby Probably Shirts » Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:09 pm

Pretty sure Chris Paul is still about, I'm sure he's training with the Hawks.
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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby SammyHawk » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:39 pm

Being a Hawks fan from the very beginning I’ve enjoyed the highs and been through the pains of the lows but have to admit I’ve never been as excited about a season as this one. I genuinely believe something special is happening. Nothing against the great job that Bradders did during his tenure, but in Dos we seem to have brought in a very good football manager with a clever business brain. Our club has been crying out for someone to bring the energy, experience and contacts to make us a professional outfit. In the short time he’s been with us so far, so much impressive stuff is happening off the pitch and it’s fantastic to see.

I think the squad has the right mix of youth and experience with a lot of national league experience across the team. I agree we could do with an extra centre half especially if injury hit but all other positions look well covered. Saying that, some of these players probably have the ability to play at the back. It’s also exciting to see a long throw specialist so could get us a few goals. We are certainly not guaranteed promotion as the favourites tag is dangerous and this team will still take time to gel but I will be patient and if it takes us another season, so be it. The club is going places off the pitch and that will only improve further.

Derek and the board have made a very shrewd appointment so thankyou!! Let’s enjoy this journey together.

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Re: 2019/20 Signings

Postby PO6_Hawk » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:30 am

I'm pretty sure there will be no issue in finding and bringing in a centre half (or any other position) should the need arise!
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