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Postby baz » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:33 am

Great response from the team following Saturday's disappointment.

From the first whistle we looked up for the challenge and Alfie gave us a superb start with a well taken goal after 3 minutes. He looks full of confidence at the moment and I'm sure believes he can score with every shot he takes. Defensively we looked solid, some of us were apprehensive on hearing Josh Huggins was playing full back, but he played really well and made several timely tackles when Daggers appeared to threaten, which wasn't that often to be fair, Ben only had one shot to save from memory.

Nerves were calmed somewhat when, for once, the ball fell kindly for us following a corner and Ed smashed the loose ball into the roof of the net, good job he wasn't a yard or two deeper 'cos the ball would have ended up in Middle Park Way! After that it just a matter of seeing the game out which we did quite comfortably, Theo scored a third in added on time with a rasping drive which the Daggers keeper decided not to get in the way of, and finally, just to take some gloss off the performance, Robbo decides to get involved in an off the ball skirmish with an opposition player and gets his marching orders right on the final whistle. Madness!! He will be a big loss for the next 3 games as he has probably been our most consistent performer this season.

If we can replicate that commitment and desire against Chesterfield then another 3 points towards our quest for safety is well within our grasp.

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Re: Daggers!!

Postby PO6_Hawk » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:12 am

3 Points were all that mattered, the same as this coming Saturday. However Dagenham were poor and seemingly just going through the motions.

With all the loan/short term signings coming in at full back it seem's we already had the ideal back up all along in Josh Huggins who for me was man of the match.

It also goes to show how unlucky the team have been with injuries this season as Harris and Carter were equally as impressive.
At the start of the season it seemed the strongest/preferred back 4 were Strugnell, P. Robinson, Harris & Williams. Throw in either Woodford or Rose if playing 5 at the back. With injuries it would be interesting to see how many times, if ever, this back line actually made an appearance?
Lets hope Ed went off as a precaution last night and that Rory & Paul Robinson are back for the run in.

The remaining March fixtures are huge games, and all winnable. Chesterfield is a must win, followed by Maidenhead who have picked up recently but not pulled away to safety just yet. Whilst Sutton are on a dreadful run of results.
Two tough games await at the start of April but then two potential 6 pointers at the end.
Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride!
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Re: Daggers!!

Postby ade » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:34 pm

yep, great stuff and we've halved the points difference to 2 points. who would have thought at halftime at maidstone :idea:

good all round performance with 3 cracking goals :clap:

tis not for the faint hearted these relegation battles :shh: when one should be just enjoying a 3-0 victory there's that horrid feeling in yer tummy wondering if dover will snake a late winner :sick:

shame about andreas and I bet no one's as gutted as him. but time for others to step up now :!: :geek:

looking forward to saturday now :P

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Re: Daggers!!

Postby Ed Harris' Pint » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:53 pm

Not too much to add. Much improved from Saturday :thumbup:

Personally thought that Huggins was MOTM but there was several who could have got it.

Did anyone see what actually happened for the red? I was looking where the ball was going and missed it, only to turn around and see a group of players.

Another 3 points on Saturday please! :clap:
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Re: Daggers!!

Postby Pompeyred » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:53 pm

what a great performance, just the reaction needed and especially from the older brigade coming back in like Carter, Huggins and Harris

Alfie's finish for the first was sublime, pace to get to the ball, strength to hold off the defender and skill to drag in back twice before a cool finish. was nice the ball dropped for us in the box for once for the second and their goalie seemed to dive without actually moving very far for Theo's goal, he had given it a fair welly mind !

they had a lot of the ball it seemed without ever troubling us, i cant remember a shot on goal by them in the second half!

The red card was very avoidable, Robbo got caught with a bit of a nasty tackle from behind it seemed and he reacted pushing their lad, the ref didn't see it either as the 4th was on and on his word they both went off, one for the tackle Robbo for the reaction

onwards now, 2 points from safety and another massive game on Saturday, credit to the fans last night behind the goal who kept on singing all night too.... was good to hear!
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