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Postby YogiHawks » Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:41 pm

For me a good display against what was a good solid league club 3/4 years ago. Full time status and quality showed in the end but for a part time team we showed heart, passion and a drive to win. Big run of games coming up in March and April.
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Re: Wrexham

Postby martin » Sun Feb 17, 2019 1:07 am

A defeat that sees us in the relegation zone, but a performance that showed enough for us to remain quietly optimistic that we might just stay up come the end of the season.
Going in 1 up at h.t I thought was a touch fortunate, as the penalty had looked a bit soft for me and Wrexham were exerting a fair amount of pressure in and around our goal. That said, we were causing problems of our own and it generally had an end to end feel throughout most of the first 45 mins.
First 15-20 mins of the second half we got a real battering and it was as good a period of football as I have seen against us for quite some time. I am sure our management will look at some of the defending in that spell with disappointment, but some of their passing and movement was very good.
The manner in which we responded for the last quarter of the game was encouraging though and our 2nd goal was very well worked and finished. Could have snatched the draw late on but for keepers save on to the post, and for sheer guts and determination we perhaps deserved the point. Overall, though a case of being beaten by a team who were just a bit better than us on the day...or certainly for a crucial 20 minutes of it,anyway!
If we can somehow find 4 pts from next 3 games, it will see us enter March- and a run of games mainly against teams in the fight down there with us- well in touch.
Really hope Rory Williams not out for long, as his presence could literally be the difference between survival or not.
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Re: Wrexham

Postby ade » Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:33 am

well summed up martin :thumbup:

i found it a real psychological blow going back into the bottom 4 after all our hard work :cry:

but i'm sorted now with the knowledge that it's where we are at around 1700hrs. 27.4.19 that counts :geek:

Plus although we two very hard long distance aways coming up, our ace team never cease to amaze me.... :twisted:
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Re: Wrexham

Postby Probably Shirts » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:52 am

I thought Wrexham put all their eggs in that 20 minute spell after half time - an all or nothing burn-out that took a lot out of their legs. But fair enough, it worked for them - just.
That last 20 minutes was a real positive I think, as it showed that we can compete with the top teams in this league. Interesting that only their players were booked, none of ours, which makes a change!
Ironically the player who might, just might, have made the difference was the one on the matchday programme cover... we needed Carts in there to give us more "presence" in midfield.
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Re: Wrexham

Postby Pompeyred » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:38 pm

As has been said that 15 minutes after half time killed us, I thought to myself when they got the first they could easily get 3 here. I think they eased off after that and we upped our game again, 3-3 would have been a steal but we didn’t give up and could have snatched a point, we needed Brian stock to manage the game and out a foot on the ball. As he’s retired I agree maybe someone like carts will give us a bit of steel in midfield who at the minute are all quite nice footballers but need a bit of devil in them now and again.

jalloh had his best game for us by a mile and looked a decent footballer and the front 2 worked well, let’s hope the full backs are back fit sooner than later
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