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Great Result but the club STILL haven’t learned!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2021 6:30 pm
by Manchawk
Only one side looked like winning today. Even though the ref did his best to make a game of it! I’m not sure I’ve seen an opposition keeper play so well and still concede 5, how it wasn’t 6 or 7 in the first half is beyond me! Green looked poor today and barely won any of his duels, his one highlight was a great assist, but in his own half he looked a bit of a liability. If it hadn’t been for some great keeping by Worner he would have been embarrassed at waving for an offside that was about 3yds on, to allow their lad a clean run at goal. Roberts was great and thoroughly deserving of the MOTM award, just for the taunting of their no7. at the end if nothing else, at least his name isn’t ex-potato or whatever their sub was called?!

Now to a rant I’ve had before:

What good reason is there for separating young children from their adults when going through the turnstiles? You market today as a community day, a day to support the hawks and get a bumper crowd in. You then expect young children to enter on their own into the melee where everyone, including numerous big geezers tanked full of booze, are either trying to buy half-time draw tickets; look at the stalls or just walk into the ground barely looking where they are going! The sole aim today was to get a bigger crown in, and you’ve just stuck young kids straight into that! It really isn’t good enough.

If the excuse is that it has to be done that way for the gate numbers to be right, then I’m sorry but that is all it is - an excuse. A child is going to get lost, hurt or worse and as far as I’m concerned the club will have contributed to it. Where else separates a child from their parents for the sake of admin?!

Re: Great Result but the club STILL haven’t learned!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2021 11:51 am
by GaryPratt
Thanks for taking the time to raise concerns about the process on how people entered the ground yesterday.

We are governed by some very tight rules regarding turnstiles, and for this reason, the club went out of their way to ensure that we had specialised training for staff members regarding Safeguarding and Welfare. All of these staff were present at the turnstile area yesterday to ensure a safe passage into the ground. Furthermore we as a club ensure that the turnstile children had to enter by was next to a turnstile that the adults would enter. In addition, the children would be visible to their parent and guardian at all times, and would have to travel a total distance of 1 meter through the turnstile.

As you maybe aware, the club have employed new staff members in the background and have actively asked for feedback to improve supporter experiences, so I thank you for your feedback.

If you have anything further, please feel free to email me on or call 02392 787822


Gary Pratt
Facilities Manager