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Pre season….

PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2021 8:47 am
by Pompeyred
Probably a few more questions than answers! some good some bad performances as players have been rotated etc which is typical preseason

Going forward I think we will be fine, Rendell and Wright up front look the preferred option with Roberts just behind. Lots of goals in these 3. We really need to find a way of getting Baggi into the team though, Dos doesn’t play with wingers or really use 442 so it’s going to be tricky,

A midfield 2 of McCarthy and Rooney has plenty of physical presence. Clifford is the best passer of the ball we’ve got but will he get in the starting 11?

At the back I’m yet to be convinced, 3 central defenders and we still look a bit suspect there. The young left back looks a cracking player though. Still they’ve only been playing together 6 weeks so lots of improvement and understanding to come

Cant wait to get it all started next Saturday

Re: Pre season….

PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2021 10:42 am
by mark c
Hard to disagree ith too much of that,
Personally I don't think we've put in a bad performance pre season but haven't perhaps clicked in all games so far

As for the team I can't really see a weak link, I just think that Dos needs to settle on a lineup and stick with it

For me the 2 outstanding players pre season have been Joe Newton and James Roberts both look absolute quality.

I think we'll see a different sort of performance next Saturday and hopefully not like the one from 6 years ago today that I've just seen on the front page of this site :lol: