Hemel Tripe

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Hemel Tripe

Postby underthenewstand » Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:33 pm

Not often the forum is used these days lets be honest and i guess its only when things arent great we come on to rant.

Even in the games we have won this season we havent looked great & the football isnt exactly exciting to watch

Not sure what formation we started with Taylor at Right Back, i guess injurys will be excuse and reason given but even then when they had 10 men we just seemed in the first half to be pushing everyone forward leaving Walton exposed at the back.

The signings of Sinclair,Adajekie(sp) dont seem to be getting a chance at all.

Clifford not the same player who ran the game at WLP for Wealdstone.

Kedwell looks even more overweight then last year, Id rather have a younger pair of legs to run at them for 20mins at the end of game.

What do we do in training 3 mornings a week?
Defending from corners poor.

The players are supposed to better then the title winning team but they just seem a bunch of individuals to me.
I just feel at this level as proven with the title winning team players need to be local and not travelling down the A3 before a game.

Anyway lets hope we can watch inside the ground saturday even if we might not enjoy the game.
Although 2 wins out of 9 at home since 2008 against Chelmsford last win 2013 doesnt give much hope.

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Re: Hemel Tripe

Postby PO6_Hawk » Thu Dec 03, 2020 3:11 pm

Very frustrating at the moment.

Injuries can only be an excuse for so much, but unfortunately it feels very disjointed at present with no plan other than lumping the ball forward.
The excitement of signing Poku & Clifford as a midfield partnership hasn't come to fruition yet. Injuries and suspensions haven't helped but it seems the midfield is simply bypassed by long balls from the back to the forwards.
Likewise the pace of the new young lads signing haven't been utilized yet, for the same reason.

This with the frustrations of the live stream and the disappointment in the cup loss... Three consecutive home games looked a good remedy but unfortunately the first of those continued in the same vein.

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Re: Hemel Tripe

Postby Pompeyred » Thu Dec 03, 2020 4:06 pm

agreed we look disjointed. at no point during any game yet have we looked like a coherent team capable of passing the ball to each other.
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