Maurie Hibberd

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Maurie Hibberd

Postby baz » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:26 pm

Really sad to learn of the passing of a lovely man and club president Maurie.

Maurie was always approachable with a smile and always up for a chat whenever we met. A great servant to Waterlooville FC and latterly the Hawks, he will be much missed by all at the club. RIP Maurie
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby robert ellam » Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:01 pm

Very sad time for Club and family.RIP
robert ellam
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby ade » Wed Sep 09, 2020 9:13 pm


the amazing messages on all social media show the love felt for this incredible gentleman....
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby Scott » Fri Oct 02, 2020 5:55 pm

I gave a eulogy for my Grandad for his service on Wednesday, thought I'd share it as perhaps it resonates with a few people. As I said below, the Hawks looked after him so well, from the knowing nods of the old Ville fans, to his new Hawks regulars, and across the club, staff, players and directors. As I reflected with Derek on Wednesday, the place has such a real heart and soul and is a real credit to everyone, not all clubs have that, and something everyone no doubt appreciates when reflecting from time to time. Thanks for all the kind messages too, and I'll try not to be such a stranger!

As early as I can remember I would meet Grandad at football on a Saturday, either for a home game or on the coach for a trip to pretty much anywhere South of Burton Upon Trent.

In non league football circles, “I’m Maurie Hibberd’s grandson” was like currency in itself. “Oi where are you going?” “I’m Maurie Hibberd’s grandson” “oh okay, off you go then…” “You can’t come in here, it’s the boardroom” “yeah, I’m Maurie Hibberd’s grandson…” “oh in you come, what would you like to eat and drink?”. That didn’t just stop as a kid either, I’ve done it once or twice in my 40s, “have you got a pass”…”no, I’m Maurie Hibberd’s grandson….and I don’t need a tie either!”…

Given I mostly travelled on the team coach to away games, we’d get to grounds around 13.00 or so I’d have 2 hours to kill before kick off. “Go and get yourself some chips, I’ll see you at half time” he’d say. These were great days, mixing with the players, learning how to swear properly, celebrating wins, listening to the arguments over defeats while collecting the dirty kit away.

The coach was always fun, but being picked up in Peter Faulkner’s Rolls Royce sat with Toddy in the back, a grip like an iron vice when he greeted you was always a bit special. I remember leaving Salisbury on a cold Tuesday night, the cathedral lit up, travelling for over an hour, then there's Salisbury Cathedral…again! Grandad would say to me “He’s got no sense of direction that Peter”, I never thought to mention that it was him in the front passenger seat with the map on his lap.

Over the years I grew to learn how Grandad had his own take on football. He wasn’t obsessed with table positions, tactics or formations, he just wanted to be entertained on that particular afternoon or evening. He wanted to see 100% from the players, chances on goal and excitement. There was no bitter disappointments because he’d move on to the next fixture. A calm presence when football can lift you to great emotional heights but equally dump you on floor at the drop of a hat.

The merger of Waterlooville and Havant Town, rivals up until then could have been a real change for Grandad, different to what he had worked so hard for at Waterlooville, however the warmth he was welcomed with to my mind made his last 20 years in football his most enjoyable. He loved what the football club has become, the investment in one of the best facilities around at the heart of the community it serves.

From winning the title in their inaugural season, to FA Cup success culminating in a day at Anfield I know he treasured as a memory. How could he have imagined those freezing nights away to Bashley Town in the Hampshire Senior Cup would end up with his team taking the lead twice at a packed Anfield in an FA Cup 4th Round match - what an occasion for him, he loved it.

The magic continued, 2 consecutive titles, both won on the last day of the season, the 2nd was the most exciting moment I have ever experienced at a football match. 2 nil up at HT, the pressure got to the Hawks & at 2-2 with secs left their title was gone and with it automatic promotion to the National League. Cue a last min winner and one of the most dramatic of endings to a season ever, there were tears and emotion, and a 96 year old Grandad jubilant, celebrated as he did after every game...with a nice cup of tea.

I’ve watched football with him for 40 years. I have to chuckle as now I’m Chairman of my kid’s youth football club, a qualified coach, manager of Ed’s then Flo’s football teams  – how did I end up getting this involved in football I wonder?

We’ll all have our special memories as he was, Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad, husband, friend, bowls player, football president, Bar-B-Q chef, DIY consultant; so today is all about celebrating all those special things that make you smile when you think about him. Football like his family and friends, will dearly miss one of the good ones.
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby Andy S » Sat Oct 03, 2020 7:04 am

Crikey Scott, that's brought a tear to my eye. Wonderful words for a lovely man.
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Andy S
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby revandyw » Sat Oct 03, 2020 7:56 am

Lovely words about a special man. I only really knew him for the last 6 years, but he leaves a big gap at Westleigh Park.
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby robbie » Sat Oct 03, 2020 8:37 am

Fantastic words Scott - you have summed up everything about your Grandad there so well.

He was a lovely man and always had time for everyone.

Nothing better than a well played today Robbie from him after a game. (There was couple of them over the years)

Hope you’re good Scott and maybe see you at a game one day soon (fans permitting that is)

Best Wishes

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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby skif » Sat Oct 03, 2020 8:48 am

That's superb, Scott, a really beautiful tribute.

Very best wishes to you and your family

Hopefully see you around at some point soon
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby shaun » Sat Oct 03, 2020 11:20 am

Lovely, lovely words Scott.

Difficult to imagine walking past the WLP stand without seeing his smiling face sat up there; never failing to give us a wave as we trooped up to the far end.

Hopefully this rubbish will be over soon and we can reminisce over a beer.
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Re: Maurie Hibberd

Postby ade » Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:20 pm

superb scott!

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