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Postby trevorfj » Tue Aug 27, 2019 7:48 am

Another frustrating afternoon of missed chances. To miss a penalty by having it saved may be human but failing to have the shot on target is unprofessional. Extra penalty training for the whole team! Until 100% shots are on target and 90% are scored.
What a performance by Wes Fogden, an outstanding Man of the Match.
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Re: Eastbourne

Postby baz » Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:43 am

Similar game to last week against Chelmsford. After our 6-0 butchering of Dorking teams are going to come here and defend for their lives and we need to get used to that. Eastbourne put heads, bodies, legs and boots in to frustrate us and so far the tactics are working.
Mind you, we don't help ourselves when we're missing pens and not taking advantage of the odd chance that comes our way. Its not helping having only 1 fully fit striker this season, Keds I know is on his way back and nearly scored with his first touch yesterday, the cross was a fraction too high to get direction, and Alfie seems to be picking up niggling injuries. Roarie is filling in but is much happier playing the wide role where he can spin his magic.

Thought first 20 minutes we were pants and nothing between the teams, but after that we started to move the ball around slicker and gradually got on top penning Eastbourne back in their own half. Agree with Dos the pen shouldn't have been given, I was only a few yards away and the keeper clearly palmed the ball away before Josh fell over his outstretched arm, definite contact so no question about it being a dive. Josh also had a shot that cannoned of the underside of the crossbar onto the inside of the post and somehow stayed in play before being cleared. Benny got played in behind the defence but failed to beat the keeper with a low shot, but he had a good game nevertheless, you'd never guess he was playing Wessex league football last season.

Second half very much followed the pattern of the first. Didn't start out the blocks too well, but then increased the pressure but the Eastbourne defence stood firm with the occasional breakaway into our half without causing any anxiety, I cant remember Ross having to make any significant save throughout the game and for that matter, apart from the save from Benny, neither did the Eastbourne keeper.

Thought Jonah had his quietest game so far, defence looked solid without any real pressure put upon them, Nicky, Andy and Josh probed away without getting the success their skills deserved but the real star was Wes, he ran his socks off for the team in that blistering heat and in virtually every tackle he came out with the ball, When Wes is on song there's no other player at this level that can match him IMO.

Still very early doors and the only team in the league to be unbeaten, we move on to Oxford and hopefully repeat our latest away successes

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Re: Eastbourne

Postby ade » Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:07 pm

unbeaten, ticking along superbly :P

i share your penalty pain as i'm sure the awesome roarie does :geek:

verily looking forward to my first visit to oxford city :thumbup:
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Re: Eastbourne

Postby Pompeyred » Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:49 pm

Agreed with most of the above

Eastbourne played 3-5-2 and I don’t think we go to grips with it all in the first 20 mins, we got into the game gradually and there was only 1 team really trying to win. The centre midfield area was quite compacted with their 3 and our 4 which didn’t help. it would have been nice to have Alfie who would have moved the 3 giant centre backs about, as it was they were pretty comfortable against Jonah.

Onwards to oxford, Unbeaten and in a very good place
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