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Re: Who is left

Postby underthenewstand » Thu May 09, 2019 6:42 pm

No pleasing some people,club stands still its in the wrong trying to move forward and its still not right for some.

10 days in so far to a new management set up and think some expect big things overnight, so a long way to go before season starts before any judgements made from me anyway

Teams break up & of course it was all very quick that players went but rather it was done now then a few weeks into pre season.

Football social media is something that brings hype to fans & all clubs try to big up new stuff, its a way of keeping fans interested if people get upset that the story isnt that great then so be it.
Just good to see things trying to be moved on.

Put it this way this forum was dead last season as apart from games there wasnt much to get fans talking as there wasnt any breaking news to talk about because we werent allowed to know it seemed that way any way.

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