The Trap Door

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The Trap Door

Postby 88aml » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:24 am

So today confirmed what i think most of us felt was coming for a while. My initial feelings are frustration because it didn’t need to go this way. It felt like we held our own enough but couldn’t get the results. I’m sure everyone will have different views on why we’ve gone down but personally my opinion for what it’s worth. 1. Too many games at the start of the season where we didn’t get the points the performance deserved. Fylde, Boreham Wood, Salford at all should of been won. Dover away, Hartlepool at home good for at least at point. A better start may have built confidence. 2 taking the lead and losing. 3 too many late goals conceded 2 and 3 are linked as I don’t know if it’s lack of fitness or lack of discipline or both. 4.Injuries and the retirement of Stocky he was a big loss. 5 playing bigger full time teams. I love the clubs model of being sensible and not spending money it doesn’t have but sadly these day it’ll only take you so far with several ex league sides and other full time clubs it was always going to be tough. 6 and finally the summer signings just didn’t deliver neither felt up to the scrap but have been performing well elsewhere. Obviously this is just my opinion be interested to see how others feel. Finally just want to say thanks to all those at the club who make watching the Hawks so enjoyable and I can say for sure I’ll be back next season for my 14th season following the Hawks to roar the club to more great times.
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Re: The Trap Door

Postby Ed Harris' Pint » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:16 pm

Unfortunately since the Xmas period we have just not picked up enough points. Frustratingly, before xmas it was looking like we could stay up. It's been small margins all season in this league but the other clubs have the experience and budgets to come out on top.

We've gave it a great go and I'm sure every Hawks fan appreciates the effort the players have put in against these full time clubs.

We go again next season. :thumbup:
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Re: The Trap Door

Postby underthenewstand » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:39 pm

As i said last summer their was no way i wanted the club to become the new Lewes or Weymouth when reaching this league,it was a shame the two forwards didnt work out although im still not sure why Kabamba was let go on loan.

You list many factors & everyone will have their thoughts on why we didnt stay up.

Think the summer we be interesting all round with ins & outs plus maybe off the pitch as well.
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Re: The Trap Door

Postby PO6_Hawk » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:35 am

I think everyone associated with the club can be proud of the effort and achievement in getting to the National League and being competitive for the most part in it.
Unfortunately the Hawks were simply not good enough over a tough season. The fact 2 part time teams have been relegated, another in Maidenhead stayed up by the skin of their teeth and the 4th and final Part timers in Gateshead seem to be in all sorts of troubles proves this is essentially a full time league.
Considering Aldershot made the play-off's last season and have been relegated whist Dagenham & Redbridge and Dover finished just outside the play offs and again only just survived shows what a tough league it is, so to have been competitive throughout is a huge positive.

It's been a great experience and one I hope returns in the not too distant future. That said the National South will be equally as tough next season with strong teams and great expectations!

I'm sure there will be some changes both on and off the field and for me the playing staff needs a bit of a freshen up.
This squad has worked wonders since the Conference South relegation but some players have maybe run their course. I hope a strong spine can be kept (Harris, Woodford, Carter, Lewis, Rutherford, Pato) with some young and hungry players brought in to assist.

Lets hope the Hawks can sign off with one final win (or 3?!) and finish 21st just in case the AGM cup comes into play. Otherwise i'll look forward to another Conference South campaign and hopefully another successful season.

Up the Hawks!
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Re: The Trap Door

Postby ade » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:55 pm

not forgetting the hampshire cup final next wednesday, farlington based hawk :!: :shh:
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Re: The Trap Door

Postby kingsley » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:52 pm

A valiant effort from the players, relegation certainly hasn’t come as a result of a lack of effort. Although there have been some good points, ultimately there’s been a sad inevitability about it for a while.

I agree there’s a need to freshen up the squad but this needs to be done with a proper plan. Do we want to go all-out for a bounce-back or expect to spend a season developing a squad that will be good enough to get promoted and have a reasonable chance of staying? I’d hope this is what the board are thinking about.

For me, the most important thing is to replace the manager. He seems a decent bloke but has probably taken us as far as he can and the club could do with the boost of a fresh approach and fresh ideas. I was pleased when he was appointed but now after six seasons we’re back to where we were when he started. In truth I’m also tired of the relentless and ineffective hoofball that’s marked the Bradbury tenure at the club. The board have indulged him with multiple signings and loanees throughout his time, some have worked but many haven’t. Strikers have been a particular problem - we’ve had plenty who come with good records (and perform well after they’re jettisoned) but don’t do it here. Why is that? It can’t be that they all simply don’t perform while here and probably has a lot to do with the tactics (hoofball!) but instead of reviewing tactics it’s the player that goes. We spent this season playing predominantly with wing backs - partly because we didn’t have players who are good as wide midfielders. Little wonder so many teams could work outa way to play us, we didn’t have many options.

I know many peo0le will want to retain Lee Bradbury but if the club have the ambition to return to the national league I think they need to put sentimentality aside and start afresh.
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Re: The Trap Door

Postby baz » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:21 pm

Just a shame we only experienced one season in the NL after 20 years of striving to get there. Agree with all that's been said about the determination and desire of the players but realistically we lacked 2 or 3 players of quality that could have made a difference. From early on in the season I thought that only Stocky, Andy Robinson and Rory looked comfortable playing at the higher level, Alfie improved as the season progressed, but the remainder looked out of their depth compared to the sides we were coming up against.

If Derek gets the extra investment that he's seeking, and its probably a big if, then that could persuade Lee to stay on at the club, I don't think he's under any pressure to leave, but if he's still got the ambition that he wants to progress which is what he stated when he first arrived, then he may be looking for a club with a bigger budget to work with given that he was interested in the Pools job a few months ago. I believe without that investment it could be a long time before we find ourselves at NL level again.

I'll be surprised if a NL club doesn't show an interest in signing Alfie, a young player that scored goals, somebody will be willing to take a gamble I'm sure, but it will depend on what the club's asking fee will be. Good to see Rory sign a new contract, hope Ben the keeper stays around, but I'm ambivalent about who else I desperately want to see stay at the club, even Wes, and I never thought I'd be saying that. They've all given excellent service and deserve our grateful thanks but I think now's the time to freshen it up and look to the future.

That's my honest assessment of the season, I'm sure many will disagree, but I shall buy my season ticket once again for next season, and I'm sure there will be many exciting games to enjoy

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Re: The Trap Door

Postby King of Spades » Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:10 pm

Wholesale changes aren't really needed as thats not been the problem this season. We are not in a dire financial state as some who come down are or struggling with anything, we didn't put ourselves in a position that relegation endangers the club
It's clear what steps need to be taken to make sure next time in this division, and we will be back again, we are equipped to survive. Full time is naturally the first and most important step as its been clear a part time team will struggle in this division now as the number of non-league sides transitioning and relegated league clubs sticking around a few years grows. The investment announcement to me is a clear indication that we are looking at taking that step and if the right deal is struck then National or South I can see it happening

As for the footballing reasons we finish bottom 4, basically its the exact same situation as 3 years ago. Comparing the promotion and relegation seasons they contrast almost exactly, the combination of them adds up to going to struggle
Away form - Terrible when we get relegated, 2 wins in both season is never going to be enough and is the primary reason imo because a few extra wins and you're safe
Settled squad - We made more loan signings in each relegation season than the 2 promotion seasons combined. Partly due to injury etc but not having a settled squad is going to be difficult and the contrast is clear
Defending - As a result of not having a settled defence we struggle in that department and you just cant do that. We have scored more than most of the sides in the league but only 1 has conceded more
Losing the important games - Whatever your goals for the season there will be a few games, usually the teams around you, that are pretty much always going to be must win. Maidstone and Maidenhead for example, and this year we just simply didnt turn up for those games. A Leyton/Wrexham/Solihull performance against those and we win it
Experience - More lacking that last time but no National League experience in the squad is naturally going to be costly!

No need for wholesale changes but just steadying again. No reason minimum top 7 shouldn't be the target every season we are in the South
Thats even if we do actually end up going down, there still could a lot to be gained from 21st. Ebbsfleet already talking about maybe dropping down 2 divisions to survive
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