More Loan Players in at this vital stage of the season

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More Loan Players in at this vital stage of the season

Postby CyprusHawk » Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:41 am

We have had an awful lot of loan players in this season, and early on, we had some terrific players who jelled and fitted in straight away, but alas, we lost them, they returned to their parent clubs and we got different ones in since who haven't quite had the same impact. I really liked Will Wood, Alex Bradley and Jonah Ayunga (who might well be playing against us later today i guess). I haven't seen the Hawks since Boxing Day when we knuckled down and fought to get a draw against a tough Eastleigh side in front of a crowd of 1,884. It seems to have gone down hill ever since.

We were unlucky i think in some games, losing in injury time and not concentrating until the final whistle had gone, and we've had some poor refereeing decisions along the way. I really thought we had enough in the tank to stay up and for the first half of the season i honestly thought the football had been of a better standard than we'd played in our 2 Championship winning seasons! I didn't really think we'd be in the bottom 4 at this stage of the season (i didn't think we'd be much higher though if i'm honest).

We're part time and that in itself i don't think helps - its going to be difficult to attract the right callibre of player to the club on a p/t basis and thats been proven by having to rely so heavily on the loan market. Our marquee signing Alfie Pavey didn't do it, but is now at Dover (when he left they were bottom) and they look like staying up now and he's found his scoring boots again, We then have had Quigley who really hasn't done it for me - a penalty is his only goal i think, no wonder Bromley were happy to loan him out, its a shame because Rutherford has come to light and after that little loan spell at Eastbourne came back to rise from 4th choice to No1 striker, first name on sheet!! Brilliant!

We now have a loanee keeper, who doesn't know his defence, our defence have been poor and scattered, we have second worse record in league - scoring goals isn't bad overall, but we have given away some sloppy goals that have cost us matches and ultimately points. I just hope that perhaps Quigley can find his scoring boots, or just revert to Rutherford & Paterson up front and use Quigley towards end to add some fire power perhaps.

As for letting Sekajja go on loan to Gosport, not sure i'd have done that, i'd play him - i liked his strength etc and whatever happened to Djamil Leeflang? Playing professional football, came here, looked useful then disappeared? and whats happened to David Banjo - midfielder? Come from Scottish football and now we've got another loanee in from Millwall? What happened to the players we already have at the club? Anyway fingers crossed we can do it starting today at Sutton United.

With Bairdy in charge there we've got a chance - they lost at home to Braintree Town 3-0 the other week, so hopefully they won't turn up today. 6 FA Cup Finals.

As Lee has spoken about our finishing to the season over the past 2 years has been strong, lets make it strong this time win all 6 matches and odds are we'd probably stay up. Lets make it happen.

I hope we win the next 5 to ensure safety, as i will be back for the Barnet match and hope we can have a relaxing match and 3 points without needing them. COYH!
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Re: More Loan Players in at this vital stage of the season

Postby Pompeyred » Sat Mar 30, 2019 9:41 am

Wood, Bradley, ayunga and frost on first glance were better loan players than the loans currently at the club, Quigley looks a bit disinterested at times but that’s partly due to having no supply, Paterson will hopefully play today. Tyler Cordner has of course been a star and is pushing Robinson and Rutherford for POTS in my eyes

leefang wasn’t good enough, that was.obvious pretty quickly, david Banjo isn’t match fit or a central midfielder, he’s probably third choice right back and sekajja wasn’t going to get a game in front of any of the strikers or midfielders it seems.

As a part time team who the majority of which were playing in the Ryman league 2 years ago we’ve done so well, small margins here and there have cost us but that was always going to be the case.

It’s looking like relegation but until it's dove they’ll all keep giving 100% that’s for sure, you never know and a win today might just keep us in it. We can’t ever question the desire and will that’s for sure.
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