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Postby PO6_Hawk » Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:40 am

Wow. Just back from York Road and totally deflated and dejected.

This was a game neither team wanted to lose, you could sense this from the start but the Hawks were totally anonymous in the first half.
A chance for Rutherford right on 45 minutes where he had ample opportunities to get a shot of but wanted to walk it into the net instead.

Second half was a marginal improvement but Maidenhead just wanted it more.
For me Cordner’s header didn’t cross the line so no complaints with the replacement linesman there.

Some might say the ref was poor again, but in reality Havant didn’t do enough. Yes Maidenhead number 8 seemingly pushed Harris (?) off the ball which should have been a booking and yes some challenges did seem a little strong but for me I wish I had seen Havant make them and show some fight.

No real excuses now. Maidenhead were no better than Havant. Maidenhead are a part time team. Maidenhead are in a relegation scrap. Yet Maidenhead were the only team going to win the game.

Tactically Hawks were poor. Pointless playing with a midfield as the long punts upfield just bypass them.
Quigley is no improvement on Kabamba or Pavey.
Fogden has been anonymous for the last month.
Full backs are great Hawks servants but so basic and only resort to long balls.

Time for a few changes.
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Re: Maidenhead

Postby baz » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:09 am

Ditto. Terrible. First half worst 45m I've witnessed this season. Seemed to be no structure to our play, just bang it forward and hope the Maidenhead defence make a mistake. Mind you, Maidenhead were little better than us but always looked the stronger outfit.

I don't know what the manager sees in Quigley that the rest of us are not seeing, but he wasn't to blame for the performance, the whole collective team must take that responsibility. We came to life in the last 5 minutes, after the game had gone, which coincided with the introduction of Hassan who at least looked to take on defenders and try and create something but again it was too little too late. Thought he played well against Orient but has been left on the sidelines since. Why?

The little flicker of hope I had before the game has now been extinguished and I've resigned myself to watching Conference South football again next season, which is OK, It will be a lot stronger than last year and there will be many good games to watch. Sorry to throw the towel in so early but on that performance last night I honestly cannot see us making any impression on the teams above us.

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Re: Maidenhead

Postby FrankieS » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:47 am

Agree, as poor as at Maidstone. So deflating. Quigley might be a decent target man but he’s not a goal scorer and hasn’t looked like scoring in the games I’ve seen. Midfield was by passed and when we did win the ball just continually pumped it upfield, the brilliant passing game I saw at Boreham Wood had gone ☹️ Still won’t give up, keep going till the end.
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Re: Maidenhead

Postby Ed Harris' Pint » Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:46 pm

Terrible, terrible game. This one is on the management. Possibly the biggest game of our season and we rock up and spend 85 minutes pumping long balls to their centre backs. You would have thought Maidstone would have been a wake up call that this doesn't work but clearly not. Players struggling to control/pass each other. It was so fustrating.

For Saturday. Start Pato/Jalloh and drop Fogden and Quigley. Fogden is becoming more and more of a passenger each game which we can't afford to have in this league.

3 winnable games in the last 3 weeks and we've bottled 2 of them. I can't see a way back for us now especially after that display but will be there at Sutton to hopefully see some kind of reaction. They're in bad form at the moment so maybe, just maybe we can grab 3 points..
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Re: Maidenhead

Postby baz » Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:50 pm

Just to add the new Goalie did OK, kicking a bit wayward at times, but couldn't be faulted for the goals and Harry Donovan probably only touched the ball 3 times and found himself in a game as far removed from Academy football as he's ever likely to get!
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Re: Maidenhead

Postby King of Spades » Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:05 pm

For some reason the worse the opposition the worse we play. Just like Maidstone when we have to get 3 points we suddenly cant string 3 passes together without giving the ball away under no pressure whatsoever. Happens far too often when we get in these kind of games
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Re: Maidenhead

Postby lammy » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:48 pm

Two poor teams smashing the ball from one end to the other, but they were certainly the deserved winners. Dire stuff.
Any final hope has now been extinguished, and in truth it went several weeks ago. You could tell on the terrace that no one believed.
We never replaced Brian Stock in January and have not controlled midfield in a game since. I can't help but feel we didn't give ourselves the best chance to stay up.
Looking at our team it is a bit of a miracle that we were out of trouble for so long, as it has been sheer desire and hard work that has won us points.
Serious consideration needs to be given in the next few weeks about how we see ourselves going forward. Recently we have given the appearance of a club that is happy to have had our season in the sun and all the goals have been achieved. We have had the uncertainty of the part/total sale advertisement and also the manager wanting to move. Not sure where is leaves us but at the moment I can't see a quick return anytime soon.
Hope I'm wrong and we can regroup, strengthen and go again next season.
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Re: Maidenhead

Postby Pompeyred » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:04 pm

Not a lot to add, Quigley needs dropping, we need to pass the ball not hoof it around, we’ve got no wide midfielders fit but by god we need some width to our game

The ref was crap as usual but then so were Maidenhead, but they were comfortably better than us

Er and their pitch is built on a giant hill!
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Re: Maidenhead

Postby underthenewstand » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:04 am

Well 24hrs since arriving back home from the game & reading all comments on social media & listening to Lee's interview with Cliff some of the big factors that ive read and would say are key to where its gone wrong or not working out is the word:-


Its something this season in this league we just havent had enough of for most of it Stocky & Paul Robinson havent been involved in enough games because of Injury & retirement.

In the NLS i think its probably easier to sign someone aged 21 whos hardly played all season bar a few games at Academy level and chuck them in for a game a day after signing but at this level it has showed that its not that easy, Dovovan last night just looked so rusty it would of been better to push Huggins into midfield as even going back to Bradley,Wood & even more recently Chris Paul it took them a few games to get involved & make impacts for us.
It was always going to be harder trying to get players to join from higher level when we are still part time, i think the National League needs to be played as full time only as to me its like Division 4 now days.

We still have the main squad that got us out of the Ryman league starting for us.

This isnt me saying that last night or some recent performaces have been good enough, just a reflection on how far we have come in 2-3 seasons without a massive change in playing squad.
Also that if we got some investment we could come back & go FT at this level but of course im not looking for the club to run by people who think its a nightclub & not a football club but im sure Derek would make sure that isnt the case.

I agree about having no width as without Rory pushing forward & also Theo not playing in a advanced role they are two things that have been the reason for success in us winning leagues,plus we had about two loan signings in those 2 years but this year we have had eleven i read today.

Just a word a praise for Pato last night & Chestefield game as he came on and put himself about & gave their defenders something to worry about, so agree a start for him Saturday is a must as Quigley isnt doing that and is playing to far away from Alfie for those two to have any sort of decent partnership going.

Of course its unlikely we will now stay up so maybe for the last 6 games the players will play feeling that way and just go for it, well thats what i hope anyway.

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