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Postby ade » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:42 pm

so away to dover next saturday for a place in the last 32 of the trophy :geek:

look forward to seeing my hawkie chums at andover new street tuesday where, being a total lovey, i have a piece in their programme :shifty: the victors will be in the quarter-finals as we bid to defend our charlie tuttle inspired trophy of last season 8-)

be advised ANS are andover's PREMIER football club for the first time in 120 years :shh:

also as holders we're into the semi-finals of the portsmouth senior cup where we face a strong line-up of moneys, porchy or major surprise semi-finalist a3 milan :geek:

a3 milan are a recently formed hampshire premier league club who play their games really close to the rusty cutter at bedhampton, at the start of the a3m, hence their rather glamourass name :geek:

all of this without the tummy wrenching tension of this great league we're in. and we're gonna do everyhting to stay there, fukkers :!: :geek:
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