First epic day adventure to Salford city

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First epic day adventure to Salford city

Postby Highhawks » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:56 pm

Wow what a day it was, left house with my brother just after 6 then met up with few others for the long well mostly enjoyable trip up, couple delays getting their, from first witnessing Salford's ground I really liked it from remembing the sky sports documentary on them from their national north seasons, can see what they are trying and are building for their, a league club incoming but can see why with the investment that they have, the pitch looked great and facilities were ok, upstairs bar was very nice with BT sport on, the Hawks fan turn out was good and we made our presence felt all game, the stewards had their silly moments where had a little row with one over where I can and can't stand in the 2nd half which iratated me about but made sure it didn't ruin my first trip ever to Manchester, thought we have a decent account of our selves on the pitch, 2 quick goals drained our confident quite abit but we had quite few good moments and chances, 2nd half we had nothing to lose and went to a more attacking formation that was pleasing to see, disappointing with 3rd goal yes was a good finish but no one closed down, was great at the end applouding our management and players after and great chanting at the end and threwout the game, funny afew of their fans left about 15 mins before the end, are united on the box lol alot of us chanted, all in all had a great trip and enjoyed the match, epic journey their and back with my brother and good friends, got home bout hall eleven, really need to win next week especially with the teams that are around us in the table, see you at westleigh park next Saturday, can't wait to read other fellow hawks opinions and thoughts on yesterday and next week's massive 6 pointer COYH
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Re: First epic day adventure to Salford city

Postby underthenewstand » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:14 pm

Like most didnt expect anything from the game but for the first 20mins i thought it was fairly even then for 3minutes we went to sleep and were 2 goals down.
The 2nd goal was just like the 3rd at Dagenham we just let the guy run through without any real tackles made.

One thing at this level is you need is your strongest line up week in week out, as missing Tyler,Rory & Alex Bradley was noticeable, and having them back for games against teams around us will be important

Really like Jonah as he really puts himself about and isnt pushed off the ball easily.

Thought the Salford set up was very impressive and the stewards i spoke with were really friendly, i stayed at the same end the whole game so cant comment on any supposed trouble in the 2nd half except for the fans who swapped ends of Salford who had some very strange chants towards our team,i expect 3-4 years ago they were watching Stockport & not Salford but i guess that comes with any sucessful NL team who spend money to improve things.

3pts against Braintree will keep us back track.
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Re: First epic day adventure to Salford city

Postby Ed Harris' Pint » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:49 pm

A game to put behind us. I'm not sure any Hawks fans expected anything due to the suspensions/injuries we had plus who the opposition was. The second goal in particular was very disappointing and it has happened a few times this season. An opposition cutting in from wide at pace and we can't seem to get anywhere near them which leads to a goal. Very fustrating!

We were much better in the second half and had our chances but couldn't put them away.

As for Salford. Was quite impressed with the ground. Although I don't really understand why some stewards/Salford fans were getting arsey about us moving to the "home" end when it was a non segregated game. :wtf: :think:

Still onwards to the more important game this Saturday. A must win!
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