Another victory, with goals......

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Another victory, with goals......

Postby CyprusHawk » Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:49 pm

Fabulous another win at home, with some goals and lots of great optimism, but some dreadful defending and poor managerial decisions in the mix, but Alfie fired in a great solo goal for his hatrick! Brilliant! Onward and upwards, to 18th spot no less, and if we can get a valuable away win at Dagenham on Tuesday our season will begin to flourish nicely i think.

However, the poor decisions i refer too were the substitutions. Poor poor & poor. I got the Sekajje for Lewis, and really like the energy and strength Ibran brings to the team, but Huggins came on for Djemal who played alright, and by which time we were 3-0 up i think but for me there were too many changes, and the final straw Kebamba for new debut chap Jonah Ayunga who was brilliant was disappointing. Those players went off and we looked out of it, and despite taking a 4-0 lead started to look clueless upfront and vulnerable at the back. It took Huggins a good 10 minutes to touch the ball, and then low and behold we were only 4-2 up. Maidstone had all they could give and Rutherford's 3rd kind of finished them off. I would have brought Ibra on for Lewis and left the rest. Williams looked to be struggling but was unable to come off because our team had made in my view needless unecessary changes.

Kebamba looks lightweight, he runs and does little, he can't tackle, he can't pass, he struggles to get the ball, and then gets pushed off it too easily. He's a squad player i wouldn't even use unless we had some injuries of course. Sadly Pavey has departed, shame Kebamba couldn't go with him. I am probably being harsh but he offered nothing, and its documented that he wants to use his time at Westleigh Park to get a move back into the football league. LOL. Rutherford looks a far more confident, allround better footballer and hasn't had the opportunities Kebamba has had. Rant over, 3 well earned points and brilliant overall.

Welcome to WLP Djemal & Ayunga - great debuts chaps. Fingers crossed for 3 points tuesday night.
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Re: Another victory, with goals......

Postby Pompeyred » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:40 pm

Really enjoyed today, we would have won comfortably against 11. The new striker played very well seeing as he only met everyone at 1.30, Alfie was a star as usual non stop defenders must hate playing against him, apart from that mad 2 minutes I can only recall them having 1 other shot on goal

Our formation today, was it 442 with a diamond midfield? We had no width and I was afraid their lad turgott would get at us who is very fast but they didn’t play with width either especially with 10 men.

Might we see segregation every week now after those shenanigans today?
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Re: Another victory, with goals......

Postby tony h » Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:28 pm

Luck iz with the hawks at the moment. After having none earlieron, its great. Disagree. I like kabamba. Pavey is no loss. Like watching bambi on ice sometimes.

Copied.from orient Well done Orient just about scraped it could have been so different if we had put our chances away fantastic crowd of 6483 with a good turn out from London 603 but boy their support was poor only made a noise when the first went in we have had 40 fans from Gateshead and Havant and Waterloovile make more noise but I know you don't win promotion by making a noise
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Re: Another victory, with goals......

Postby baz » Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:50 pm

Luck didn't have anything to do with it. We were by far the better team, and the best I've seen us play this season. They can moan that they had to play the majority of the game with 10 men, but unlike the Maidenhead game, their defence wasn't disrupted and they still conceded 5 goals, excellent goals they were too. It was nice to see us pass the ball around confidently rather than too much long ball stuff that we were playing earlier in the season, just shows what a bit of confidence can do. Stocky once again gave us a master class in midfield, only Alfie's performance denied him a deserved MOM.

First view of the new faces Jonah and Djamal is extremely positive. Jonah especially had an impressive debut and with Alfie in probably the best form he's been in since joining the club gave the Maidstone defence, including the experienced Rob Swaine a torrid afternoon.

We had a slightly nervy 5 minutes when they scored twice in a couple of minutes, but calmness was restored when Alfie ran on to a long clearance to confidently collect his hat-trick, although close observers thought his second goal went in off Jonah's shin when the shot was going wide, but nobody is going to deny him that which his MOM performance deserved.

Dagenham are improving so expecting a tough game, but I would be more than happy with a point and obviously delighted if we get more

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Re: Another victory, with goals......

Postby underthenewstand » Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:16 am

Had to double check i did see i had been at a game we won 5-2 and not lost by that scoreline after reading the first two posts on this thread.

Of course everyone sees games differently & is allowed their own opinions but i just dont agree with them thats all.

Even before the sending off i thought we were the better team & Jonah was giving us some pace & power up top we have been missing so far this season.
I had no problem with Pavey but he just looked like he needed someone like Jonah alongside him maybe.

Alex Bradley looks better by each game and one thing that we did yesterday was create chances and lots of them.
At 4-0 after all subs were made which i didnt think made much difference as others have posted,Alfie had a great chance to make it 5-0 but they got one great goal back by again like us taking a shot from outside & one sloppy goal back.

Also good to see Theo Lewis back in the side in his best position further forward as he looks lost when he plays deeper and doesnt effect the game at all for me.

People now picking on Kabamba for me are forgetting his goals earlier in season when Pavey wasnt scoring are being harsh,i think he will also look better alongside Jonah for me as he is the targetman that we have missed so far this season that we had with JP in the past two years.

Maidstone looked terrible and as much as their bench tried to spend 90mins blaming the officials the senisble fans by us at dugouts felt they just didnt turn up at all.

Not at Dagenham Tuesday but shall be their for Salford.
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Re: Another victory, with goals......

Postby robert ellam » Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:34 pm

Brian Stock was ckearly the Man of the match v Maidstone-OUTSTANDING 8-)
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Re: Another victory, with goals......

Postby Ed Harris' Pint » Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:51 pm

Great game on Saturday. Even if Maidstone had 11, I think we would still have picked up the 3 points. Absolute rocket from Al too.

Very impressive debut from Jonah too with his pace and power. It's something we've not had and at times the Maidstone defence couldn't get near him.

Only slight concern in the two goals conceded. We do seem to have a tendancy to relax too much when winning and let the opposition creep back into the game. Thankfully Alfies goal put a stop to that.

Onto a big game tonight. Both teams in good form...which probably means a bore draw. :D . Looking forward to travelling up to Salford on Saturday.
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