orient bastard express!

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orient bastard express!

Postby ade » Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:51 pm

battered but 200 hawks ALL behind our team :thumbup:

without being dramatic two home games coming up that may show us where we really are?

two years ago I would have only dreamt of playing orient....

let's work together and not let this be a one off :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby King of Spades » Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:20 pm

Our season wont be defined by how we did against a high flying club like Orient. Outplayed completely today but that is to be expected in a few games

In our next 5 we play the 4 teams immediately above us, starting with a Maidenhead side that just got smashed for 6 at home. In order to survive we must take points from these. All 5 are winnable and are the type of game that will be the difference between 20th & 21st
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby Paxo » Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:34 pm

Proud to be a Hawk today. Great support from the 200 odd in the East Stand. Shame the Team couldn't have given us more to shout about but realistically, was always going to be difficult to get anything out of the game today. Next 2 at home are must wins if we want to stay in this league.
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby Hillbees1 » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:18 pm

No pressure then! If the worst happened and we lost both games we are still in the mix to stay in this division. But I take your point that there has to be a starting point.
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby nibbles » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:39 am

As has been eluded to above, we can't expect to go away to the likes of Orient,at this stage, and pick up results.
What we should expect is the players busting their bollocks every week, and at least giving travelling fans the impression that it matters to them.
They have an opportunity, starting on Tuesday, to right the wrongs of the last few weeks, and show the Chairman, Manager and most importantly the fans, that they want, and are fit to wear the shirt of Havant and Waterlooville F.C
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby baz » Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:11 am

First thing to say Orient look a very good side, they look strong in all departments, (except unfortunately didn't get much chance to assess the keeper) and providing they escape injury problems, its going to take an exceptionally good side to beat them to the title IMO.

Having said all that, we were dismal. OK no one, except possibly the management team, expected us to get anything from the game, but I was hoping and maybe expecting us to be more competitive but we look totally devoid of confidence and it showed up blatantly in our performance. Second half we were a bit better but that was from a very low bar set in the first. We thought the Manager had performed a conjuring act last season to get us promoted into the National League, at the moment he needs to perform miracles to keep us in it!

Whilst the wing back system has been succesful these past 2 seasons, I think we need to go back to the rigid back 4 to try and help sort out our problems, and I know many fans don't like it, but away from home we need to go one up top and try and pack the midfield. We cant keep conceding soft goals like we have been so far this season, and Lee needs to decide on what is his best defensive partnerships, at the moment it seems all over the shop in a similar situation we found ourselves in when we got relegated. I know injuries have dogged us this season and you always hope that the loanees brought in from league clubs might give you something a bit different, but I'm far from convinced the lads we have at the moment are better than what we had. On the point of loanees, unless something was happening off field we don't know about, a number of us cant understand why Alfie Rutherford has gone out when we are desperate for a battling forward that fights for every ball, somewhat ungainly but opposition defences will know of his presence, whereas now we're making it far too easy for them.

OK enough of the negative, we have a glimmer of hope for the next 2 games, these have become vital even this early in the season, 2 good results and we'll feel a lot better this time next week, lets hope so.

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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby underthenewstand » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:32 pm

So 3 away games & no goals so far for me this season so maybe i should stop going away.

But in all seriousness going yesterday i had no expections of picking up any points yesterday and was hoping the team would at least show some kind of performance after Met Police.

I guess to a point they did show a bit against a team who will be in the at least the play offs at the end of season.

The goals still werent great to concede but i guess no goal is ever good to concede.

I know we have 2 key players missing in Rory & Wes but we are nearly in November and we dont seem to know our best centre half pairings or 3 with the system we play.

As much as our forward line has its critics I dont think the service into them the past month or so has been any good at all to even give them much of a chance but as Alfie R has been recalled tonight lets see him & Kabamba given the next months worth of games together to try and strike up some sort of combination up top.

The rest of the team also needs to be more settled as thats what the past 2 seasons has seen us get promoted and a few mutterings of these players arent good enough, that maybe right but for this level as we are part time in now what is league 3 as 90% of this league is full time.
For most of yesterdays game this clear to see a times as well.
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby Dave » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:35 pm

OK, Orient was fourth away game for me after Barrow, Harrogate and Wrexham.

Probably most disappointing performance of the four, but I think that was down to the opposition and conceding fairly early.
Will be interesting to see who comes out on top between Orient and Wrexham, both good teams with different styles of play, Orient will score more goals and be pleasing on the eye, Wrexham may grind out more results.

For us, I am seeing that we are a little less organised when defending as a team, from a positioning point of view, and this will be down in a large part from having less time on the training pitch to get organised properly. We also seem to give the ball away too much between our penalty area and the half way line, which often gives the opposition a good chance, and we do seem to allow a lot of crosses from our right full back area.

As stated, a large part of this is being part time in a full time league. It is also partly due to the players not having experience at this level, as the nous you pick up against the professional players definitely helps, as they will know a number of little tricks to gain an advantage.

What I cannot fault is the commitment of the players, they are playing for the full 90. As has already been said, it is not away games against the likes of Orient and Wrexham that will decide our season.

ps. For those that missed it, the Orient Supporters club was definitely worth a visit.
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby lammy » Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:56 pm

Another feeble effort.
I accept that these aren't the games that will define our season but I am getting fed up with reading other team's message boards and seeing 'they are the worst team we have played this season'. Actually on Saturday that progressed to 'possibly the worst side I have ever seen us play'.
We have a number of players playing at the moment who are nowhere near the required level and are probably playing 2 league above where they should be. Yes I know we have key injuries but this is the Conference National.
4 or 5 of the 14 that played Saturday would never have got near the team last year and now are expected to stop a team like Orient. Aside from making up the number the loan signings haven't helped. They all look like they have just played academy football and aren't ready for the physical nature of this league.
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Re: orient bastard express!

Postby Hillbees1 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:58 pm

Yeah we are the worst team in the league as Maidenhead found out yesterday. Happy to be called the worst team in the league, and finish out of the bottom four at the end of the season.
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