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Postby Pompeyred » Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:57 pm

Dos summed it up exactly as I saw it. We lost the game in the first 20 mins.

Obviously the situation forced our hand but we weren’t organised into any defensive shape during that opening period, with no left hand side at all and quite a few square pegs rammed into round holes, needs must and all that and once we’d settled we actually did ok for the rest of the half.

I thought we were the better team for the second half however but didn’t create many guilt edged chances. There might be a couple of players who find themselves on the bench next week, if we’ve got any fit ones to replace them!

Oh and another plonker of a ref, no major decisions wrong this week just a lot of little ones wrong.
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Postby ade » Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:32 pm

hit me hard that has....

yep, i know it's only football :)

totally out me zone but i reckon we actually lost it when we kinda went 3 up top again after about 75 mins :?: :geek:

we were having a good spell prior to that.

time to stick together and regroup. hope wes isn't too bad :?:

looking forward to a great game weds prior to getting back on track in the league saturday. :thumbup:

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Re: Dulwich

Postby baz » Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:18 pm

Poorest I've seen us this season. Where has the slick passing and movement that was evident at the start of the season disappeared to? Most of the time it was hoof and hope, thought we'd seen the last of that. I appreciate the loss of Strakes weakened our left hand side, but why didn't Flannigan, a recognised full back, start in his place instead of moving Nicky Bailey from the centre of midfield where he has been so influential. Also, the 3 strikers up top hasn't worked in my opinion, the midfield which has been our greatest strength so far, struggled to gain a grip on the game which resulted in the use of the long ball too often.

As Ade says it looked more hopeful when we went with 2 up top and we were able to win more ball in the middle of the park and Bradley was getting some joy down the right, but then went back to 3 when Seager, who so far has not shown me anything that he can come on and make a difference, and we were back to square one.

Looking forward to a reaction against Concord on Saturday to get us back on track.

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